Tour Guiding for History Travel

Market square in Wittenberg

I occasionally lead history travel tours for students and adults. This page focuses on the trips for adults.

Why Travel?

Travelling to historic places is a wonderful way to bring the past to life, whether it’s visiting ancestral homelands to gain a deeper sense of family identity, journeying to another part of the world to discover a fascinating new culture, travelling to Europe to see the important sites of Western Civilization, or making a pilgrimage to the sacred places of the Christian faith.

Over the past number of years, I’ve enjoyed exploring Europe not only with university students but also with adults travelling for pleasure and personal enrichment. This page features highlights of trips past and notices of trips to come.

If you are interested in any of these upcoming trips or would like me to organize a trip for you, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

History lesson, Erfurt Cathedral

My Approach

As a tour guide, my goal is to communicate the historical significance of the places we visit in plain language and digestible portions. For those who want to go deeper, I am always ready to provide another layer of information or engage in extended conversations. On Christian history trips, I like to provide travellers with short historic documents that pertain to the places we visit, devotional material that matches the historical and spiritual themes of the day, and a few article-length background readings, for those who want more. It’s important to me that Christian travel connect the church history we encounter “back then” and “over there” to our own spiritual lives and to issues faced by Christians and churches “here and now.”

“I was privileged to participate in my first “Reformation Tour” with Kyle Jantzen as our leader and it was an amazing journey! Kyle’s heart and head knowledge of the historical and theological significance of the Reformation served our group so very well. It was a remarkably impactful experience that I still often reflect back upon and am grateful for.”

— Pastor Ian Trigg, Foothills Alliance Church, Calgary, AB

Reformation ToursGreat Partners

My wife Colleen and I are privileged to lead tours with Reformation Tours. I have worked with Frank and Rowena Drinkhouse of Reformation Tours since 2009 and appreciate their passion for Christian travel, their attention to detail in trip planning, their extensive connections abroad, their ability to add value to their tours through little extras, and their warm-hearted Christian faith. I’m very excited to continue working with them.

“I recently had the privilege of being led by Kyle Jantzen on a Reformation Tour with a group of pastors and spouses. Kyle was a marvellous tour host; organized and well prepared for our daily itinerary, passionate about the people/places/events we were studying, personable and winsome to the tour group, and a great sense of humour. And most of all, his vast knowledge in history-culture-geography-theology-politics made for tremendous commentary, both at the sites of interest and all along the way as we travelled together.”

Brent Trask, District Superintendent, C&MA Western Canadian District

Upcoming Trips

None currently scheduled

Past Trips

Wittenberg street

2017 Ambrose Reformation Study Tour

Dates: May 6 to 21, 2017

Itinerary: Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, Wittenberg, Erfurt (Eisenach), Marburg, St. Goar (Mainz, Worms)

This was a great student trip with adults along for the ride! There was so much to see in the year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, including special exhibitions in Wittenberg and Wartburg Castle, Eisenach. The Wittenberg 360 exhibition was a fabulous immersion into the world of Martin Luther. A visit to the Philipps University in Marburg and the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz were real highlights! Touring Colditz Castle (a Second World War prison for officers, who seemed to do nothing but escape) and Marksburg Castle (overlooking the Rhine River since the Middle Ages), and relaxing on a Rhine Cruise were great additions to our Reformation theme.

2016 Grand Reformation Tour (Kyle and Colleen Jantzen, for Reformation Tours)

Dates: July 3-14, 2016

Itinerary: Berlin, Wittenberg, Erfurt, Eisenach, Rhine Cruise, Ruedesheim, Worms, Strasbourg, Constance, Zurich, Grindelwald, Geneva

This was a superb trip, with 17 travellers from the United States, Canada, and

Martin Luther statue in Berlin

Australia joining us for a memorable tour. Local guides helped us understand the historical contributions of Martin and Katie Luther, Philip Melanchthon, Jan Hus, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, and Guillaume Farel, among others. We enjoyed beautiful weather (except for in Grindelwald, sadly!), lovely sites, delicious food (oh, the chocolate!), and the pleasure of making new friends along the way! It was especially enjoyable for me to be able to give short talks about key moments in the Reformation and to show our travellers some of the important writings from the period. We also made a short side trip to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, not far from Erfurt, which opened up a fruitful conversation about the relationship between the German churches and the Nazi period. Overall, we saw how the Reformation unfolded in the context of late medieval crises, and how the reformers never worked alone–they succeeded in no small part because of the support of others around them.

2013 Reformation Tour

Due to flooding at home in High River, AB, I was only able to participate in the first half of this tour, which I co-lead with my colleague Bernie Van De Walle. We took a group of Alliance pastors and district leaders to Prague, Herrnhut, Wittenberg, Erfurt, Marburg, Mainz, Strasbourg, Kandern, Basel, Zurich, and Geneva.

“The opportunity to spend time with Dr. Jantzen on-site, breathing the air of the Reformation and engaging in dialogue about the issues of “then” compared to the issues of “now” was a huge gift. I’m so thankful I was able to be part of this experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

— Pastor Matt Boda, RockPointe Church, Calgary, AB

“History and theology come to life when you are placed in the location of the events. Under the astute leadership of Dr. Jantzen you will discover the truths and the people that fueled a movement and changed the world.”

— Pastor Scott Weatherford, First Alliance Church, Calgary, AB

2011 Italy-Greece Classical and Early Christian Tour

A mixed trip, with students and adults, to Rome, Florence, the Adriatic Sea, Olympia, Athens, and Corinth.

“We toured parts of Europe several times with Kyle Jantzen and couldn’t have asked for a better guide…. He was familiar with all aspects of the tour, train travel, water travel and walking. He never seemed flustered or unable to communicate the facts that he wanted learned. Language was never a barrier for him. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in one of his history tours. You will not regret it.”

— Jay Hubert, Red Deer, AB


If you are interested in any of these upcoming trips or would like me to organize a trip for you, please contact me using this form:

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