Baby Steps on Issues of Racism

It takes a lot of work these days not to notice the eruption of anger, frustration, and sorrow over the gross inequities in North American society based on ethnicity. The death of George Floyd under the knee of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, now charged with second-degree murder, has catalyzed a wave of protests across […]

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Why Memes Are Great for Everyday Life … and Bad for Politics

Recently, a political meme passed through my Facebook feed and forced me to confront my frustration with the way social media so often harms our political life together, rather than supporting healthy democratic debate and encouraging fruitful political engagement. The source of my upset? In a word, it’s oversimplification, or rather, distortion. One of my favourite […]

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Loving Our (Refugee) Neighbours

Refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East are no longer front page news. After a month or more of non-stop reporting, most of our media organizations have moved on to other stories, no doubt sensing a measure of compassion fatigue across the Western world. Not that there aren’t plenty of tragic refugee […]

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Imagine You’re a Refugee

Imagine you’re a refugee. What might that look like? For starters, imagine your hometown–the place your family has lived for generations–has been destroyed. Imagine your government–when faced with opposition demands–has deployed your national military against your fellow citizens, shooting those it saw as a threat to its hold on power. Imagine that opposition groups took […]

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Responding to the Refugee Crisis

Recently a friend and former student asked me what I thought about the backlash to the refugee crisis. Throughout the summer, we have seen heart-wrenching stories and moving images of desperate refugees from bombed out Syria. But in the wake of the outpouring of sympathy for Syrian refugees in the late summer of 2015, other […]

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Internet Knickknacks (February 2013)

I frequently come across interesting websites, blog entries, videos, or documents on the Internet, and thought it might be fun to start a semi-regular feature called “Internet Knickknacks,” a combination of history, Christianity, and pop culture. It’s high time for a second installment. As usual, there’s always new history being made

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